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Photo of Dr. Lloyd Sumner


Dr. Lloyd W. Sumner
Professor of Biochemistry

The research focus of the Sumner lab is the development, integration and application of large-scale biochemical profiling of metabolites, proteins, and transcripts (metabolomics, proteomics and transcriptomics) for gene discovery; especially related to plant natural products/specialized metabolism. He also applies these integrated omics technologies in a collaborative manner to better understand the biochemistry and physiology of other plant, animal and microbial systems.

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Photo of Dr. Lei

Assistant Director

Dr. Zhentian Lei
Assistant Research Professor of Biochemistry

Dr. Lei is the assistant director of the Metabolomics Center and assistant research professor of biochemistry at the University of Missouri. His education includes a doctorate in wood chemistry from Virginia Tech University in 2002, and a bachelor of science degree in forest products chemistry from Nanjing Forestry University in 1986. His research interests are centered on metabolomics protocol and technology development and its application in the field of agriculture, plant, animal and medicine sciences.

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Photo of Dr. Sarma

Research Specialist II

Dr. Saurav Sarma

Dr. Sarma obtained a doctorate degree in organic chemistry from Wake Forest University, North Carolina. His research experience relates to medicinal chemistry including developing multifunctional nanomaterials as drug delivery and imaging agents, using synthetic and analytical chemistry tools. His research interest extends into metabolomics studies, wherein integrated application of NMR and mass spectroscopy would facilitate identification of important physiological and pathological biomarkers in plants and animals for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

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Photo of Dr. Barbara Sumner

Research/Lab Technician SR

Dr. Barbara Sumner

Dr. Barbara Wolf Sumner attended Texas A&M University where she received her B.S. degree in chemistry. She continued at Texas A&M and earned her Ph.D. in 1991 in physical chemistry for work on Cf-252 Plasma Desorption Mass Spectrometry in the lab of Ronald D. Macfarlane. Barbara lectured at Texas A&M and at Blinn College, teaching general chemistry, before taking a position in the mass spectrometry core facility at Texas A&M. She later took a research and development position with PerSeptive Biosystems (now Applied Biosystems) in Framingham, Massachussets, to work on an automated proteomics Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time of Flight (MALDI-TOF) analysis system. In 2000, Barbara moved to Ardmore, Oklahoma to marry Lloyd Sumner, and there taught high school chemistry for 10 years. Barbara is happy to be back in a laboratory setting, enjoying her role as lab manager, facilitator, and metabolomics center service provider.



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